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Buffalo meat is a perfect source for good nutrition!

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Photo by: Nancy Germer


In an effort to simplify their lives and improve the quality of living Cindy Cassell and David Uible purchased an old dairy farm on 171 acres in New Richmond, Ohio in 1994. They named it Vista Grand Ranch in keeping with its spectacular vistas. To keep the old dairy farm zoned “agricultural” Cindy and David began researching livestock that would be environmentally right for the land, work well with their lifestyle and provide a product they would be proud of.

Traveling monthly to Russia for his publishing business, David would not be around everyday to check on animals. Cindy was attempting to finish up her Ph.D. in nutrition and have a baby at the same time. They settled on a wild animal that required less supervision than beef cattle. Buffalo. Buffalo need good fencing, pasture land to graze, and a water supply. Buffalo produce meat, which is nutritionally dense, low in fat, and most importantly, delicious. These qualities of buffalo meat make it a perfect source of good nutrition for many of Cindy’s patients with heart disease, diabetes, and or weight issues (both overweight individuals and athletes).

Today Cindy, David, and Emma continue to do most of the chores around the farm with some outside help from neighbors. They have found farm-living everything it was supposed to be including the very best place to raise a family and live a complete and satisfying life.